One Thousand Important Events In One Book

The book version, which was published in German in October 2014, contains one thousand important events: Mats Staub has selected one hundred lists, arranged them in order of birth date from Charlotte (1922) to Resa (1994) and collated the events they contain into a continuous chronicle running from April 1931 to March 2014. This offers a partial and highly personal perspective of world history.

“The individual entries are short and succinct and this laconic, direct style is enormously powerful. What’s happening there is the whole of life, which at times consists of tiny poetic moments.”
SRF 2 Kultur, 13.03.2013

“This is something which isn’t going to make audiences go «Ooh» or «Wow». Instead it is aimed at a sensitive point inside us which – once stimulated – will recall or depict intimate and often quiet images.”
Tages-Anzeiger, 13.03.2013

“What can be read here are lives full of gaps which are both highly condensed and reduced to their essence. These sets of ten memories offer insights into the lives of strangers which stimulate our own imagination. And which prompt us to ask ourselves: If I were to describe the ten most significant events in my life so far, which ones would I choose?”
Der Sonntag, 30.12.2012

“Memory is a construct.”
Interview with Mats Staub in Schweiz am Sonntag, 10.11.2013

Mats Staub
Zehn wichtigste Ereignisse meines Lebens
Salis Verlag (2014)

Softcover, 396 pages
bound, four-colour print
Language: German

11.5 x 17 cm
€(D) 19.95
CHF 24.95
€(A) 20.50
ISBN 978-3-906195-19-3

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Buch: zehn wichtigste Ereignisse meines Lebens - Mats Staub