Ten Important Events In My Life

In his long-term project, Mats Staub aims to ask these questions to people from all walks of life. Guided by a clear set of instructions everyone is invited to investigate these questions and produce their own list of ten most important events in life.

As a whole, the lists transform into an alternative tapestry of life, into a strangely atmospheric collection of portraits. At the same time, the constraint of only being able to name ten events results in a compressed reality and leaves large gaps, which enable us to ponder over personal development and the different courses a life can take.

The German and English language collection is provisionally closed. Since January 2017 a new collection has been compiled in Spanish: Diez momentos en mi vida.


Mail: team@ten-important-events-in-my-life.net

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Idea and Concept: Mats Staub
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