MARCH 1990: My brother Fernán is born. I am no longer the only one.

MARCH 1990: My parents bring me to the swimming pool. In the water I finally feel free.

APRIL 1990: I meet Bea in lecture room 101 of Berne University.

APRIL 1990: On the last night of our week-long dance theatre course in Rasa, I sit by the fire with Maria and suggest to her that we start a company.

APRIL 1990: Begin of Art School.

JUNE 1990: We move to the countryside. Here I have to address my friends' parents formally and do, say and wear the right things.

SEPTEMBER 1990: I now know my first great love Frank for five months. We feel a very deep connection and start a new life. We go where he happens to find work. I leave my family home with a suitcase full of books, a few clothes and 120 DM. I am eighteen years old and do not know what awaits me. I never want to go back.

DECEMBER 1990: During my year at a US high school, we all write Christmas letters to soldiers taking part in Desert Storm. In Germany my friends are writing "No Blood for Oil" on banners.