APRIL 1994: I pass the Lic. Phil. exam. I weigh thirty-six kilos.

APRIL 1994: Paris, Hotel Concorde La Fayette, 33rd floor, suite 32. I have ten minutes to win over Raymond Hung for 'Performance REVIEW Plus'.

MAY 1994: I accept my first job, move away from home – and fall into a depression. In one year I watch the video of 'The Lion King' around seven hundred times.

MAY 1994: My husband is wheelchair-bound following a severe brain haemorrhage. By having my practice at home, I am able to care for him for seventeen years.

SEPTEMBER 1994: "I’m glad to be able to go back to my wife." So ends the letter from the man who moved his suitcase into my flat the day before. He steals out of my life again like a thief in the night.

OCTOBER 1994: We can take Anna home from the women’s hospital. She is healthy despite the doctors having been afraid that she, like her brother, suffered from an infection.

NOVEMBER 1994: Having sex with girlfriends and understanding that it doesn't make sense to me – I like boys.

DECEMBER 1994: My grandma dies in hospital and I sing to her for hours from the song book because I like it so much. Afterwards I have a really bad sore throat and don't know if it is from grief and crying or from singing.