Kurt 1983

Concert Pianist
Piano Teacher
Restaurant Pianist
Collaborative Pianist
Record Label Intern
Orchestra Manager Intern
Arts Management Consultant

MARCH 1990: My brother Fernán is born. I am no longer the only one.

JULY 2002: I am admitted to a Bachelor program in a school I consider to be the best in the country. I move to Barcelona.

SEPTEMBER 2005: On September 9, I land in Berlin Schönefeld and I feel free. It is warm and I don´t understand a word of German. I have to figure out how to get to Theodor-Heuss-Platz.

MAY 2007: I am granted a full scholarship to study a Master program anywhere I want. The best reward to hard work is to keep working hard. So I move to London.

AUGUST 2008: Fernán, a dog named Marshall and I go out on a Sunday. We have the best Indian meal ever, and we end up in a Karaoke bar near Trafalgar Square where a special meeting takes place with an American banker who is also an actor in his free time. A completely new body and mind experience.

SEPTEMBER 2010: I am part of something bigger than myself. After years looking for my own voice as a pianist, I believe I am really re-learning to play the piano in the Marshall Academy of Barcelona. I feel part of a tradition where I have a place as a musician.

JANUARY 2011: I am grateful after a conversation with my friend Juan. Grateful for all the good things in my life and for all the people in it. I understand that one is not alone, that everyone is made of a similar stuff, that we are all together on this wondrous journey.

JULY 2011: I fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Before landing at O´Hare, I can see one of the Great Lakes. This is freedom.

AUGUST 2011: A most fabulous Steinway D piano is mine.

DECEMBER 2012: A diary that we've entitled «ILD» becomes a living history and a document of our own life story. And it remains a story of two – a little world for us only in the world of «Grüezi miteinand.»