Simon 1985

Huntsville (Alabama)
System Engineer
Quality Pilot Engineer

DECEMBER 1995: After learning that my grandfather has just died the night before, I see my dad crying for the first time.

APRIL 1997: On a trip to Newcastle, I kiss a girl for the first time: Helen.

JANUARY 2003: The evening ends, everybody has gone to sleep except Margot and me. We talk a lot. Then we caress each others's hand for a good part of the night. Nothing more.

JUNE 2005: I watch «Walk the Line». I discover Johnny Cash and the southern spirit. I find out he's just died two years before. I'm frustrated.

OCTOBER 2007: RER A, Paris subway. Two guys get beaten up by some kids, nobody moves, nobody reacts. Neither do I. It's violent. I get off at the next station, most of the people stay in the coach, as if nothing was happening.

OCTOBER 2008: Downtown Huntsville, it's late and I walk around in the city park with Walha and Sandra. I meet Austin for the first time. He's gay, and he thinks so am I.

SEPTEMBER 2010: Walking in the Death Valley. No noise, even the sound is crushed by the burning air. It's the most peaceful place I've ever been.

AUGUST 2011: Festival d'Avignon, 4:00 AM. I'm in the Palais des Papes with my friends, to see Cesena, a dance production by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. After two hours, the sun begins to rise.

MARCH 2013: Hôtel de Nice, Paris. Margot tells me she does not love me anymore. End of a life.

MARCH 2013: I need to take control over my body again, I'm restless. I take my first dance class at the Gessnerallee in Zürich. I need to dance. I feel calm again.