Resa 1994

Gallery Attendant

MARCH 1997: I'm paddling alone in the shallow end of the swimming pool. Then my one year-old little sister comes along, grabs a big uninflated rubber ring and gets into the water where it is deep. When I shout, a friend of my parents jumps into the water and fishes her out again before anything horrible happens.

OCTOBER 2002: Benni takes away my pointy hat and fills it with Autumn leaves. I am angry and tell him off for so long that he empties the cap and hands it back, irritated. I feel strong. I won't let anyone tease me.

AUGUST 2004: The first day of class in year five. The girl next to me is drawing and I watch her eagerly. We become best friends and draw together all the time. By the end of year seven I know I want to concentrate on art.

AUGUST 2006: I am twelve years old and travel on a plane on my own for the first time. I visit my friend Anna in Morocco for two weeks and enjoy every one of the warm days.

JULY 2007: My grandfather lies pale in my aunt's and grandmother's arms. Our eyes meet one last time. Then I run out of the room.

AUGUST 2008: I wait with my mother, my three sisters and ten suitcases at Toronto airport for father to come with the car. This is my first visit to the American continent – and we're going to stay for a whole year. I am pleased.

NOVEMBER 2009: I join a youth theatre and accept the challenge of creating new roles from within me. It doesn't always work but it gives me a lot of confidence.

JUNE 2012: My first open air. Three days of just music, enjoying the sunshine and laughing with friends. I have finished the grammar school and a long journey and a new chapter of my life lie before me. I feel happy and free.

SEPTEMBER 2012: I fall head over heels in love.

SEPTEMBER 2013: I start studying in Zurich. My new flatmates and I take full advantage of our new independence: friends come round, we eat together, drink and talk a lot, every night for two weeks.