Simone 1984

Mexico City
Graphic Designer

NOVEMBER 2001: I am badly injured in a road traffic accident.

DECEMBER 2001: I wake up out of the coma and have no idea what happened and where I am.

FEBRUARY 2002: I walk along the streets of Lucerne again by myself for the first time. It is an indescribable feeling to be able to walk under your own steam. I think: why is nobody applauding me?

OCTOBER 2005: I move in with my great love into the first flat of our own. I can see us growing old together.

APRIL 2006: Andreas takes his own life unexpectedly. I have never felt so alone.

SEPTEMBER 2006: I just want to run away, so I move to Africa.

NOVEMBER 2009: The last scheduled operation. I have almost got used to them.

DECEMBER 2009: My inner restlessness takes me a long way away again. No idea what awaits me, no idea for how long. I don't know what I'm looking for.

DECEMBER 2011: The first Christmas celebration with the whole family for a long time. I am at home here.

JULY 2012: I have passed my exams. My new freedom feels splendid. The sun is shining.