Johanna 1981

Frankfurt am Main
Washington (D.C.)
Frankfurt am Main
Academic Staff

AUGUST 1981: At two weeks' old Jana and I meet in the baby and toddler group which is organised by our mothers. We become best friends.

OCTOBER 1986: For unexplained reasons I lose all the hair on my body, including my head. I have to go to hospital and undergo many tests and treatments. However, I am healthy and despite not having any hair to this day I have a wonderful life.

JULY 1987: I learn to swim on Corsica in a river flowing into the sea. Previously in swimming lessons at home all I did was cry and never won a "sea horse"-swimming badge. Now I love the water.

DECEMBER 1994: My grandma dies in hospital and I sing to her for hours from the song book because I like it so much. Afterwards I have a really bad sore throat and don't know if it is from grief and crying or from singing.

JULY 1995: For two six week holidays in a camping van in Greece I feel like the loneliest person in the world. I read an incredible number of books and listen to music for hours on end.

APRIL 1998: In a German exercise we have to interpret and compare two love poems: one by Goethe and one by Wondratschek. The latter is currently my favourite poet. I get top marks and am very happy because it is so much fun.

JANUARY 2009: I leave my family and friends to spend time researching in the USA for my doctorate. Although I have to put my relationship at risk and interrupt my psychoanalysis it turns out to be the most wonderful time of my life.

OCTOBER 2010: After a ten year relationship my great love leaves me and I think it is the end of the world. In fact it is a huge liberation and I can finally find peace and joy in life.

DECEMBER 2010: I meet the great love of my youth again. Finally, we become a couple, though he lives in Munich and I live in Frankfurt. We move in together and are pregnant of course and look forward to having our first child together.

SEPTEMBER 2012: After many years working on cancer research at the university clinic I complete my dissertation and start working for a small private company.