Marc 1974

Beaver Creek (Ohio)
Garden Labourer
Newspaper Delivery Boy

MARCH 1978: My friend Ute's parents won't allow us to play together any more because my parents have left some Communist club or other.

AUGUST 1980: I meet my best friend making a bonfire in the courtyard.

FEBRUARY 1982: My father tells me I should play the guitar right-handed even though I am left-handed so that I will have "more opportunities" later. I stupidly accept the logic of his argument and turn the guitar back to its normal position again.

JULY 1982: At the Whitsun tournament I take and score my first penalty. As a reward my trainer gives me three drinks coupons. I buy Fanta and cry overwhelmed and full of joy in my mother's arms.

JULY 1984: My little sister tries to convert her room into a swimming pool. I'm not sure whether it is going to work but sit down cautiously on the top bunk so that if it does work, I can try a dive.

AUGUST 1985: My father and I spend five weeks travelling through the USA. I watch 'Panama' by Van Halen on a channel called MTV.

MAY 1989: My band wins the newcomers' contest at our local youth club.

DECEMBER 1990: During my year at a US high school, we all write Christmas letters to soldiers taking part in Desert Storm. In Germany my friends are writing "No Blood for Oil" on banners.

JUNE 2000: With a heavy heart I decide against pursuing a career as a rock star.

APRIL 2008: I resign and set up my own business.