Daniel 1970

St. Gallen
St. Gallen
Clerical Assistant
Call Handler
Recording Assistant
Sound Operator
Television Journalist

FEBRUARY 1974: My father dies in an avalanche. I am told nothing about this.

MAY 1981: My mother tells me that my step-father is not my biological father.

MAY 1984: While riding my moped very fast to see my friends on Saturday night, I have an indescribable feeling of freedom.

SEPTEMBER 1989: In psychotherapy I being to encounter myself.

JUNE 1997: Our film project fails spectacularly in Berlin. I'm going to leave art alone from now on.

JUNE 1997: I make life-long friends and meet Petra: This is the summer of my life.

MAY 2001: Petra and I marry secretly in Bergell. A liberation for me, an affront for my family.

OCTOBER 2005: I am finally allowed to park my car in the stork parking place. KateĊ™ina has been born.

SEPTEMBER 2007: Lenka is born in the large maternity unit in a Prague hospital. Another baby is born, separated from us only by a curtain. I stand there amazed with a father I don't know and we hug each other with tears in our eyes.

AUGUST 2011: Our move back to Switzerland last year was supposed to be the last but now I find myself packing boxes again: We are emigrating to Sri Lanka.