Peter 1968

Muri (Berne)
Warsaw (Indiana)
Leesburg (Indiana)
Fort Wayne
Customer Service Employee
Young Entrepreneur
Competence Group Leader
Team Leader
Business Analyst
Project Manager
Ideas Company Worker
Test Manager
Test Automation Developer

MARCH 1972: I am amazed that my new-born brother has already been to the hairdresser's.

JULY 1988: After an accident at work I sit in hotel director Hanspeter Graber's office in front of an IBM AT 02. I familiarize myself with the software and enter an identity crisis.

JULY 1992: It is 10 PM, I am going for a walk, after that I have to pore over nonlinear equations and tomorrow I have to take the exam in organizational theory. I wonder why I am putting myself through this.

APRIL 1994: Paris, Hotel Concorde La Fayette, 33rd floor, suite 32. I have ten minutes to win over Raymond Hung for 'Performance REVIEW Plus'.

JULY 1996: As part of the head office conference Beat and I can present the hypertext system we have developed.

OCTOBER 2000: A dramatic end. I have to let half my team go in the afternoon and then at 5 PM I find out that it is over for good.

AUGUST 2003: Dutch poker. I lose a backrub to Martina.

JULY 2006: Together with Martina, Richard, Eva, Hanna and skipper David we sail across the channel and arrive under storm force winds in Cherbourg.

JULY 2007: After virtual interviews in Second Life I am flown to San Francisco by Linden Labs to introduce myself personally.

OCTOBER 2009: I eat vermicelli dessert with Martina. Four hours later we are holding our new-born son in our arms.