Wolfgang 1952

Ste. Croix
Saint Mawes
Frankfurt am Main
Frankfurt am Main
Flight Attendant

OCTOBER 1968: The film 'Gone With The Wind' makes me a film fan and admirer of Vivien Leigh and Scarlett O’Hara.

JANUARY 1973: Finally I have sex. First with a woman, and two months later with a man.

JUNE 1975: My friend Edith takes me to the Zurich Opera House for the first time: 'Swan Lake' with Natalja Makarova – but what impresses me most is the beautiful theatre with all the gold, the lights and the chandelier.

NOVEMBER 1975: First encounter with John Curry, known as the "Nureyev of the Ice" after he wins the British championship yet again in Richmond. Soon afterwards he becomes European, World and Olympic champion for the first time.

APRIL 1977: After seven weeks' training I fly as a flight attendant on routes to Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Nairobi.

DECEMBER 1977: I hear my favourite opera singers live for the first time: Margaret Price in 'Cosi Fan Tutte' in Geneva and Joan Sutherland in 'Maria Stuart' in London with my sister Marianne.

FEBRUARY 1984: After a number of false starts it works out with my dream man Andreas: We work together, fly together, cuddle in the breaks and are soon a couple.

NOVEMBER 1999: My mother dies following an accident. My sister and brother in law take her home. I touch a corpse for the first time. We have time to say goodbye. I am sad but strengthened at the same time.

JANUARY 2002: I celebrate my fiftieth birthday with a large party for family and friends at the Unity Freemason's Lodge.

JANUARY 2007: My career as flight attendant/purser for Lufthansa ends with flights to New York, Los Angeles and São Paulo.