Annerose 1956

Bad Driburg
Medical Technician
Nursery Nurse

MAY 1968: On my twelfth birthday I decide on my life goals: never give up, don't get bitter, be fair and honest, start a family, find a little thing to be happy about every day, die satisfied with the life you have lived.

MAY 1975: At my high school graduation I find the festivities and speeches unnecessary, silly and irritating. I am glad to put theory behind me at last and to be able to work practically as I prepare to become a medical technician.

OCTOBER 1977: I fulfil the dream of many young girls and marry a musician – my heartthrob and childhood sweetheart.

JUNE 1978: I am now a state registered medical technician and work while my husband is studying.

MARCH 1982: My daughter is born. She is really tiny and I am happy.

AUGUST 1991: I am very relieved that the church has annulled my marriage of many years to a man who became an alcoholic.

APRIL 1993: I train successfully as a state registered nursery nurse. It was hard being a single mother with a school age daughter: In my old job everyone had to work nightshifts and I couldn’t find anyone to look after my daughter at those times.

JULY 1996: My son is born by emergency caesarean. In a near-death experience I feel myself wonderfully protected by benevolent powers – in the afterlife and here in the world.

SEPTEMBER 2005: My third wedding: This is the right one at last, the most lovely man in the world. We are very happy together.

OCTOBER 2010: My husband dies. I am not yet close to getting over it, but I remain committed to my life goals, which help me very slowly to get used to a life alone and to see some meaning in it despite my great sorrow.